5 Artists To Watch At Ultra Music Festival 2014

March 26, 2014

Ultra Music Festival in Miami promises to bring the biggest and the hottest names on the electronic dance music scene. Artists ranging from all styles and for every flavor. Yet, there are those who you definitely shouldn’t miss regardless of your musical preference. Here’s our list!


Carl Cox
One of the originals, Carl Cox is certainly one of the well-respected DJ’s in the industry. Cox is well-known for his electronic house sound, but make no mistake about it, his set will also feature 80’s techno and even hardcore. Interestingly enough, Carl Cox will turn 52 later this year. I wish my father could DJ like that.


The man, the myth, the twerk – Diplo. There’s no one who can match a beat better than Diplo, with bounce, trap and moombathon sounds through and through. More than anything, you will definitely see ladies ‘expressing themselves’ with Diplo behind the deck. This one performance you definitely shouldn’t miss.


Basement Jaxx
Similar to Carl Cox, Basement Jaxx are also from the UK and are just as well a veterans of this industry. With countless EDM hits in the 90’s Basement Jaxx have gained reputation of a quality act, but their live performance is still a mystery to many. So how do they sound live? You will find out at UMF 2014.


Pusha T
In contrast to other performers at Ultra Music Festival 2014, Pusha T is pure hip hop. Be sure he will bringing down that ‘Mercy’ in Miami, Florida, as his performances are known as pure quality. Pusha T is great live, and you should definitely not miss him. That’s Live Stage on Sunday, March 30.


Eric Prydz
Call on me, Call on me, Call on meeeeee, Call on me. That’s right, the legendary Eric Prydz will be performing live at UMF, and have no doubt about it - this one is a must see. Eric Prydz is truly a master of his craft, with many y ears of experience in this industry. His music is classy and uplifting, so be there or be square!