5 Masked DJ's To Blow Your Head Off

January 16, 2014

UZ – In contrast to most of the masked DJ’s, UZ’s real identity is yet to be revealed. There are many rumors circulating on the internet as for who is UZ, but one thing is true – this guy knows how to party. His style is mysterious and unique just like his whole outer persona. Oh, and he also communicates online with a special “UZ language” that only real fans can decipher.


Deadmau5 – One of the top DJ’s on the planet, Deadmau5 has done it all. From small shows to some of the biggest arenas around the world, this masked entertainer is one of the most well-known Electronic Dance Music performers. Multiple Grammy nominations and various awards speak for themselves.


Daft Punk – From ‘One More Time’ to ‘Get Lucky’, anything those guys produce is an instant classic, even the experimental art house material like The Electroma. From Paris, France, Daft Punk quickly became probably the most influential EDM crew of our generation. The scary part is that the best is  yet to come.


Myndset – Surely up there with Daft Punk when it comes to rocking a high-tech mask, this Ironman lookalike drops some of the deadliest electro sound currently on the market. Myndset is a menacing figure, which makes him a great performer. But hey, it’s not called bragging when you can back it up – and yes, he surely does.


Cazzette – Performing with a big cassette on your heads? Well, sounds like a good idea, right? At least the sound is fantastic, because quite frankly – Cazzette is one of the top house crews out there. All we need is a huge pencil to roll it back.