Arcade Fire Perform in Miami

October 29, 2013

Arcade Fire gave a great performance this past Thursday, in the Little Haiti area of downtown Miami. The band's new album, Reflektor, has been well-received by critics,  and the band has even performed three concerts as “The Reflektors.”


Win Butler, the band’s lead singer, rocked the stage into the opening song, "Reflektor," the audience was thrilled with the song and showed a good response to the bands beats. The song reflects Arcade Fire's cynical gloom and fearless music at every unpredictable turn.


The show’s purpose was to pay tribute to Haiti. Butler's wife and band member Regine Chassagne is Haitian, and the band has traveled to the Caribbean country in recent years. Butler said that the songs on "Reflektor" explore the experiences that the band has had in Haiti, particularly in the song "Here Comes the Night Time." It references the thousands of Haitians who have attempted to flee their country's desperate conditions in boats, only to encounter hostility from U.S. authorities.


The show also served as a fundraiser for the cultural center and Partners in Health and on another note, the stage was located across the street from VFD Marketing client Vero Water’s office. Vero offered free bottled water refills for Arcade Fire’s fans and the general public.