Coachella 2014 Artist to Watch: Bonobo

April 9, 2014

In less than 48 hours, the city of Indio, California will be filled with exceptional artists, fashion designers, celebrities, and music lovers from all over the world, as they descend upon Coachella 2014. Having over 150 artists performing in the span of 2 weeks is absolutely insane due to the fact each artist has made a statement. Whether one of their songs hit #1 on the charts or a simple article on the newspaper was exposed.


The expansive choice of music and genres has everyone going ballistic. People are repeatedly asking themselves “Who should i see?” From Headliners like Calvin Harris to some extreme underground like Shlohmo. The spectrum is filled with house music, rap, classic rock, and so much more. But the beauty about such a huge production is the acknowledgement of upcoming and underground artists. Revealing brand new tracks and throwing out tasteful beats that are unheard of. Speaking of this, Simon Greene is a british producer, musician, and dj who goes by the stage name Bonobo.


We highly recommend to check him out for him being the downtempo and trip hop king with some sprinkles of groovyness. His elite style is completely self produced and self instrumented. What differentiates him from the rest is as a dj, he decided to follow the increasing trend throughout electronic acts of playing with a full band. The band enacts live interpretations of studio material with a singer, guitarist, keyboardist, saxophonist, electronics, and drummer.


Through out his musical career, he has 5 albums where his first one Animal Magic was released in 2001 and his latest The North Borders was recently released last year. Declaring Bonobo has been around for a while yet his music just gets better and better. His first single off The North Borders album “Cirrus” made a huge success when it was given its worldwide debut on Gilles Peterson’s BBC radio 6 program in 2013.


Be sure to check him out as he’s ready to kill it at Coachella playing Friday afternoon. His uprising to fame has him pumped more than ever and he claims to be dropping some new tracks that he’s holding too drop just for Coachella 2014. Want to get a little taste of what he’s about?