Five EDM Artists To Make Their Breakthrough In 2014

December 18, 2013

2014 is just around the corner, as the whole world of Electronic Dance Music is celebrating the end of a very successful 2013. It was a fantastic year for the whole EDM scene, with shows like EDC, Ultra, and Coachella showcasing its rapidly-growing popularity.


So what the future holds? While we are not fortune tellers, we can definitely point our fingers at the most promising producers that are set to make their big breakthrough in 2014. Plug in your headphones, and enjoy!



Being only 19 years old, Hucci is already on a sure way to establish himself as a top-tier EDM artist. While his style can be labelled as Trap/Instrumental Hip-Hop, there’s no doubt that Hucci has a very unique sound and track-built, and will definitely go far in 2014.




While many people may be familiar with XXYYXX’s music, his abstract style is yet to make that long-anticipated breakthrough. XXYYXX is definitely what you can label as a “future sound”. Will this “future” come in 2014? We’ll see.



DJ Snake

This French heavy-hitter is quickly climbing to the top. Wait, he’s already there! DJ Snake definitely has what it takes to become a mainstream artist in 2014. Everything he does is great, and it seems like this beat will never stop.




This producer comes from Sydney, Australia. Similar to DJ Snake, Flume has long paid his dues in the EDM scene. Yet, it’s obvious that he’s capable of achieving big, great things in 2014. Disclosure – You & Me remix. This is what it’s all about!



The Runners

Last but definitely not the least, The Runners crew are targeting to make a huge breakthrough in 2014. Represented by VFD Marketing, The Runners duo are two of the hardest working guys in the industry. Their resume speaks for itself, just keep a close eye on the Track Team in 2014!