Monkey In Love by Tommy Trash - Second Video Produced By VFD Marketing Released By Thump

July 12, 2013

VFD Marketing continued its production work for international EDM star Tommy Trash, featuring the party-rocking monkey Kal. The first video in the series, Monkey See Monkey Do premiered on Thump, VICE Media's EDM blog. Monkey See Monkey Do currently has over 300,000 views on YouTube.


The next video in the series is called “Monkey in Love”, fully conceptualized and produced by VFD Marketing’s Media department, spearheaded by producer Elie Deshe and Director Phil Hodges. "We wanted to create a fun-loving party monkey, and we thought who better to team up with than talent from the Jim Henson Studios in Hollywood," said Deshe. "We were able to put Kal the monkey in space, have him fall in love, and ultimately, party with Tommy Trash, and our whole cast and crew made these two videos really stand out in the EDM space."

This time around, Kal realizes that discovering Tommy Trash “Monkey See Monkey Do” cassette tape was just the beginning of his adventures. Kal lands on a mysterious planet, where the man himself – that’s right, Tommy Trash, shows him around (don’t ask questions, get in the car!). From there, the plot thickens, with Kal falling in love with mysterious beauty (portrayed by Mia Doran), and partying like there’s no tomorrow with the cameras catching all the action.


Tommy Trash is currently one of the leading DJ’s, with numerous track releases that quickly became anthems in the worldwide EDM scene. Tommy Trash has also recently collaborated with (formerly) Swedish House Mafia’s Sebastian Ingrosso for the ultimate club hit “Reload”.


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