Monkey See Monkey Do by Tommy Trash Released by Thump & VFD Marketing

April 17, 2013

Designed, produced, and now finally delivered.


Tommy Trash is currently one of the fastest rising stars on the booming EDM scene, ranked at #64 on the prestigious DJ Magazine Top 100. Tracks like The End and Cascade are now the soundtrack of our nightlife, while Tommy Trash continues his meteoric rise to the top of the charts.


VFD Marketing (production) teamed-up with Phil Hodges (director) on set to create the video for Tommy Trash’s dance floor hit Monkey See Monkey Do. Today, it finally sees the light of day.


Premiering on Thump, Vice Media’s new EDM site, Monkey See Monkey Do is a debut of the party monkey Kal - product of Phil Hodges’ imagination and the puppeteers at the Jim Henson Studios in Hollywood. Kal discovers Tommy Trash’s cassette tape, which later proves to be a life-changing experience. Electro House tunes launch Kal to outer space, as he later finds himself landing (or crashing, to be precise) into an unknown location. To be continued...


VFD Marketing partner, Elie Deshe, the producer behind the Monkey See Monkey Do video, shared his thoughts on the working experience with Phil Hodges and Tommy Trash:


“It was an honor to work with such talented people like Tommy and Phil,” he said. “Now, we are back working on the Monkey In Love video, which should offer the perfect ending to this story.”


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