The Runners to Make Club Debut at SL Miami on Monday

October 4, 2013

Miami-based EDM group The Runners are scheduled to make their club debut on Monday, October 7 at SL Miami.  Consisting of Mayne Jackson and Dru Brett, The Runners are Grammy nominated producers who have a strong following in the hip hop and pop music worlds.  Working with the likes of Rick Ross, Jay-Z, Kanye West, Justin Bieber, and Rihanna, The Runners have a long history of producing chart-topping hits.


As they transition into the electronic music world, The Runners have already began collaborating with top EDM artists such as Tommy Trash, Carnage, Adrian Lux, and the Stafford Brothers.  Look for upcoming releases from them soon along with a national tour.  After playing at SL, The Runners will travel to Mexico to play in the AWOL Cabo festival from October 10-14.  They will be joined by DJ's such as A-Trak and Rony Seikaly, playing to an international crowd.  


For a preview on what is sure to be one of the breakthrough EDM groups of 2014, make sure to join The Runners and the rest of the VFD Marketing crew at SL Miami.