VFD Media April Playlist: What We're Listening to this Month

April 10, 2013

At VFD Marketing, music is an integral part of our everyday life. The fight to control what's being played throughout the office can be vicious and cruel, but ultimately it leads to more productivity, as the first person into the office has control until the first coffee break. With that being said, here's what some of the VFD employees have been enjoying this month:


Elie Deshe

Super Flu - Live at Watergate Berlin: For those unfamiliar with this German minimalist electronic group, Super Flu mixes drum, bass, pianos and plenty of old fashioned jazz beats into a great live set that is perfect to play througout the office, on a plane, or anywhere else where you want to be productive or just chill for a few hours. This live set in Berlin is two and a half hours of beats that get me through the post 3pm coffee break.


Tommy Trash - Monkey See Monkey Do: How could we not be blasting Tommy's re-edit that was one of the hits of Ultra 2013?!? Tommy shows his epic production skills throughout the song and everyone is falling in love with Kal, the VFD Marketing creation that is the star of Tommy's newest music video.


Daniel Deshe

AWOLNATION - Jump On My Shoulders: Right now I am listening to this because I am getting ready for Coachella and that was the first band I heard when I entered Coachella for the first time last year. If you've never been to Coachella......GO!


Cosmic Gate - Wake Your Mind (Deluxe Edition): I have also been listening to the entire Wake Your Mind (Deluxe Edition) album by Cosmic Gate because it was just released and they are my favorite trance group. I am also super excited to go see them in San Francisco in May as I have never been there. I can’t wait to get there so I can see Cosmic Gate play as well as try Mission Chinese for the first time, which I hear is incredible. 


Anton Gurevich

S-Type - Billboard: This is an anthem. Full of positive energy, S-Type's "Billboard" is the ultimate efficiency booster. Everything that comes from

LuckyMe Records is quite progressive. LuckyMe artists like blending styles, often embracing the now-so-popular combination of old school hip hop and Dutch house. S-Type is an up and coming producer from Scotland, keep your eye on him for more of the same.