5 Worst First Date Outfits

September 17, 2013

VFD Models did some interviews and asked a couple of men the following: What were some of the worst outfits or fashion pieces that they saw women wearing on first dates which completely turned them off.


Ladies listen up! You don’t want to make these mistakes:


1. Rick: “I once took out a girl on a date and she was wearing a black leather trench coat. Even though the girl was nice, I never called her back or anything.”


Unless you are into the dark style, many men feel freaked out and are not into girls that wear too much leather, or appear to like that heavy metal fashion.


2. Jason: “I personally hate when women wear those high-waisted shorts or pants that make their butts disappear. They are very unflattering and reminds us of our mothers.”


These are great, and we all love them because they are trendy and look cute, but apparently men would rather see us with low rise bottoms.


3. Kevin: “This girl that I used to like showed up for our date wearing pantyhose. It gave me a feeling that either she didn’t like to take care of her legs.”


Men like to see that you take care of yourself, wearing  pantyhose might seem as if you are covering hairy legs or you are just lacking confidence.


4. Alan: “All I really care for is that there’s some kind of balance: If the girl has a sexy shirt then be a little conservative on the bottom, and viceversa. Looking skanky or showing too much on the first date doesn’t look classy.”


You want men to take you seriously and when you are showing too much it might send the wrong signals. On the other hand being too conservative or wearing a baggy outfit might be a sign that you are not secure of your body. The point is to keep it balanced and fun.   


5. Jesse: “There’s always that trendy nerd look. When I go on first dates and the girl has this smart look, I expect to be able to hold a conversation with them.”


Don’t dress up as something you are not. It’s better to always just be yourself instead of causing the wrong impression.