Female Fighters Stealing the Show

October 9, 2013

The UFC is the largest mixed martial arts company in the world, hosting most of the top-ranked fighters in the sport and producing events worldwide. But what do UFC fans think of women proving themselves and their worth in UFC in the last decades?


The first time two women fought in the UFC octagon, it was cause for an all-out media blitz by the world's largest MMA promotion. The second time felt more like just another fight — only better. But now that the UFC's experiment with women's MMA is off to such an auspicious start, it's hard not to wonder why it took so long.


Female fighters in MMA offer a new perspective of women being fierceful and fearless to be strong and get dirty. Nowadays, what used to be seen as the weaker gender has overcome many obstacles in various sports, proving to put on a great show worth watching, following, and cheering for.


Now that female fighters are starting to make their impact felt in the cage, it seems like the UFC needs them as much as they need it. Many names such as Miesha Tate  and Ronda Rousey have put up amazing fights that make women feel proud of how strong and far they’ve gotten in this sport.