Five Halloween Ideas From VFD Models

October 28, 2013

For those of you who don’t have their Halloween costume this year, here are some ideas from our VFD Models:

1. Vanessa: You can never go wrong being a zombie or dracula. As long as you look dead and bloody with the help of some makeup and body paint, this costume never goes out of fashion.


2. Christina: I love having my face paint for Halloween, its creative and fun. Some costume that go well with this idea is the Day of the Dead, Skeleton, Scary Clown or Doll.


3. Dani: I usually just pick some fun and crazy outfit from my closet and make it my own. Nobody will have the same thing, and I can still be comfortable the whole night.


4. Michelle: I feel like Halloween is the perfect occasion to dress up as your favorite superhero/villain. Some fun characters to dress up like are Wonderwoman, Catwoman or even Spiderman.


5. Natalie: I like dressing up with current events or funny things that we saw on TV during each year. For example this year Robin Thicke and Miley’s MTV performance, or even as a jail inmate in honor of Orange is the New Black.


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