The Benefits Of Working With A Promo Model Agency

November 19, 2014

You see promo models at your competitor’s booths and you wonder why they’re getting twice as much foot traffic as your booth. Promo models can be the difference between maximizing benefit from a trade show or an event rather than just attending. There are a few reason why promo models make a difference. Check them out below:


When you have hostesses at your trade show stand, you immediately bring awareness to your booth. Promo models are extremely important for this first impression.


By having a beautiful, friendly and well spoken hostess at your booth, trade show attendees are likely to be attracted to the booth and engage with your product.


Hostesses are great for walking around the trade show and garnering interest from people who may not have gotten a chance to see your booth or wouldn’t go to it normally. It’s great for business to have a promo model representing your brand with looks, class and intelligence.


By having hostesses, you are able to draw more attention to your product while also having more people running the booth to satisfy the demand from the attendees. And the more people you have at your booth, the more attractive it will seem to the rest of the trade show attendees.


These benefits may seem obvious, but they really go a long way in maximizing your trade show or event experience for your company. If you have a product or message you are trying to get out, try promo models to convey that message. You might be surprised when you see the results.

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