The Secrets To Choosing The Right Promo Model Agency

November 6, 2014

Choosing corporate event or promo models is often a daunting task for the entrepaneur who understands the value of brand image, but not the steps it takes to work with the right agency with the right type of models for their brand. This article outlines what to look for and pay attention to when choosing the right promo model agency.


  1. The first key is to select an agency that has the perfect mix of talent and customer service. You need to make sure that this agency replies to your issues quickly and correctly, and that the models are not only attractive, but well spoken, friendly and social.


  1. Always see the options of models available. This protects you from getting into a bad situation down the road and creates transparency between you and the agency.


  1. The cheapest price is most likely not your best option. You need to choose an agency that fits your needs and provides you with the quality and experience that you desire. Settling when it comes to your brand will directly affect your image.


  1. Beware of agencies that require a full deposit or payment before the actual trade show or event. They are most likely just in it for the money and will provide very little customer service beyond the transaction.


  1. Make sure your models or hostesses are able to understand the basic technical knowledge of your product and be able to seamlessly demonstrate its function. The last thing you need is for someone hired to augment your product to actually detract from its function.


With these simple tips, you’ll have the perfect agency and great promo models in no time. When it comes to brand image and awareness, you should expect the best representing you in all situations.


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