Top 3 Quick Beauty Fix Tips

September 9, 2013

Looking amazing every day and every hour is just a matter of planning, but after long days at work and unexpected emergencies, you might not have the time or patience for all that beauty preparation. Here are the top 3 tips for pulling off effortless great looks:


1. The high bun: One of our models favorite tricks is to pull it up in a bun when there’s no time to do your hair. The secret to making your bun look bigger and fuller is to use a hair doughnut. After the doughnut, if you have lose hairs, you can always fix them with hairspray if you are going for a sleeker look. Remember, you can always assist your bun with bobby pins.


2. Sexy wavy hair: If your hair is down and clean, but has no shape, try putting it in a braid at the beginning of your day and this should give you some fun, sexy waves by the end of the day. If you still want that wavy look but didn’t put it in a braid early in the morning, try braiding it for a couple of minutes and then use hairspray to make sure those waves stay in.


3. Beautiful and easy makeup: It’s always better to go for a natural look. Use simple mascara, and a little bit of contour on the cheeks and then accentuate with a strong and bright lipstick color.  If your outfit is more edgy and bright lips are not the best match for it, don’t be scared to try a nude lipstick along with some bronzer for your cheeks.


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