Top 5 Bikini Body Summer Tips

September 4, 2013

Summer is here and you want to show off your bikini body... Here are the top 5 tips from our VFD models on how to keep looking amazing throughout the whole bikini season!


1. Start your day right: As hard as it sounds put those sneakers and workout clothes on and go for an early run. Running or just working out with an empty stomach burns fat and leaves you energetic for the rest of the day.


2. Plan your meals: Don’t make yourself hungry for long periods. It’s better to have small but frequent meals to boost your metabolism.


3. Go green: Why not? It’s one of the best trends right now. Eat your veggies, drink more juices, and try organic and gluten free products.


4. Date time: If you are told to plan the date or want to do something fun with your guy, keep it active; plan a long bicycle ride to cruise around the city, or try out a boxing class together!


5. Small Dinners: Last but not least, we all love to have a great dinner with family or friends, but let’s face it, dinner is the hardest meal to digest. Try and eat a small/healthy meal before you go out to dinner, that way you won’t have the urge to overeat.


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