Top 5 Miami Fall Fashion Essentials

September 11, 2013

If you are a planning your Fall vacation to Miami or you already are a South Florida resident, here are some of the VFD Models top fall fashion essentials to look fabulous and trendy while you beat the heat:


1. Dani - Hats and Sunglasses: Look tropical and protect yourself when wearing a Panama hat. You can’t go wrong with aviator-style sunglasses since it’s a good fit for a lot of ladies.


2. Brianna - Maxi Dresses and Skirts: Look amazing with a maxi skirt and you can pair it up with a cropped top. Maxi dresses are great to be comfy and look feminine.


3. Meryl - Open Back Shirts: They are always sexy and will keep you cool, on the other hand don’t be scared to try those cool graphic t-shirts with oversized armholes.


4. Shelby - Shorts and Strappy Tops: Shorts are a major must-have in South Florida, but they are look best when they fit perfect and are paired up with a cute top that will keep you fresh and still looks classy.


5. Christina - Sneaker Wedges: These are perfect to run errands and it won’t kill your feet since they are still sneakers. The best part of is that it adds some height and many people don’t even know there’s a hidden heel!


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