Top 5 Things Models Think About UFC

September 19, 2013

VFD Sports is the leading sports management and marketing company focused on MMA. We asked some of our VFD Models what their thoughts were on the UFC, and some of their favorite fighters.


1. Sarah: “I think UFC fights are fun and exciting to watch, not so much a fan of the blood and gore aspect of it all but I guess for some people that's a huge part of the appeal. My favorite fighter is GSP!”


2. Krista: “I actually enjoy watching women fights, and my favorite fighter is Miesha Tate because I love that she can show how strong she is and can beat up a man.”


3. Julian: “UFC is extremely entertaining and a great sport, but I don't particularly have a favorite fighter. I have several friends that fight in the UFC, so I always watch and support them when they have a fight, but I couldn't pick just one.


4. Christina: “I'm not a big fan of UFC but Jon Jones can definitely put up a fight!


5. Dani: “I practice kickboxing so to watch any UFC fight is always exciting! I think Benson Henderson has a great technique”

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