Top 5 UFC Toning Workouts

October 2, 2013

VFD Models and VFD Sports have worked together to tell you some amazing toning exercises that you can use to look fit. One of the easiest and best ways to tone up is to rely on your own body weight, and these are the top 5 moves:


1. Overhead Squat With Dumbbells - 20 reps: It  focuses on glutes, thighs, shoulders, and core. Keep your head up with feet slightly wider than shoulder-width; raise your arms straight up in the air. Slowly sit back into a full squat position while lowering your arms and keeping everything tight.


2. Drop Squat - 10 reps each side: For your thighs and glutes. Focusing on one leg at a time, begin the motion, similar to a rear lunge, by squatting onto your lead leg and bringing your rear leg behind your body.


3. Push-up With Alternating Arm Raise - 5 reps each side: Push-ups focus on the shoudler and arm muscles. Starting in a traditional push-up position, press yourself down and back up to the top position, extend one arm out in front of you.


4. Frog Jumps - 10 reps: Standing in a natural position, jump high, forward and end in a low squat position, making sure to soften your knees as you land to avoid injury.


5. Bow & Arrow - 10 reps each side: This move focuses on glutes, hamstrings, lower back, core, and shoulders. Starting on the floor, on your hands and knees, grab your left with your right hand and gently pull it as close to your chin as you can, increasing flexibility and range of motion.


Next, extend your left leg straight behind you while also extending your right arm straight ahead. Your body should form a straight line. Be sure to keep your tummy tight throughout this exercise.


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