Top 5 Worst Pick-Up Lines

September 25, 2013

VFD Models are always at the hot spots in town, and when it comes to meeting people and being social - they are the best. Some of them have told us of the worst pick-up lines men have said to them. Here are the top 5 worst pick-up lines from our VFD Models:


1. Christina: “You're like a fart, you blow me away” lmao


2. Katherine: “This happened when I was a hostess at a restaurant. I don't know if it's the worst, but it has definitely stuck with me over the years and is pretty corny. Him: "Hi, I'd like to make a reservation." Me: “OK, when would you like to come in?” Him: "Well, when is the next night you are free?"


3. Sarah: "I lost my number, can I borrow yours?"


4. Dani: “I used to work at Michael Kors, this gentlemen who had just walked-in was looking at a particular men’s watch, I asked him: Would you like to try that watch?, then he said, “I will buy it if you are included in the purchase.”


5. Julian: I don't remember the exact line he used, but it was extremely sexual in nature, and I had never spoken to the man before. I don't find that attractive at all. If you're going to use a pick up line, at least let it be a respectful one. :)


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