VFD Models Business Travel Tips To Optimize Your Trips

June 19, 2015

Business travel knows no bounds these days. For many professionals, with their busy schedules, they are up in the air for a large percentage of their weeks and months. The seasoned traveler puts a premium on certain things to save them time and aggravation. Below are some of them:

  • Comfort. When it comes to flying, either you’re working or relaxing, and preferably working and relaxing. Bringing snacks with you to have on the plane is helpful. Investing in high-quality noise canceling headphones also makes your preferred media sound great and creates a more comfortable environment.

  • Rewards. Try to consolidate your airline rewards onto one program so that you can enjoy the perks of loyalty. Expedited check-in, boarding, and free upgrades are worth it. Also, some credit cards offer airport airline lounge access. If you spend that much time at the airport, look into making that investment.

  • No checked bags. The time you spend checking and retrieving bags at the airport is not worth it if you travel all the time. Add the time up spent dealing with that and you’re actually wasting hours of your life.

  • Extra legroom. The comfort that you get from getting extra legroom is worth it if you spend a lot of time on airplanes. Once you accumulate enough points or rewards, hopefully, you’ll be able to get a free upgrade on your favorite airline. Until then, for the sake of comfort, don’t be afraid of that upgrade. Your comfort when you’re traveling all the time, makes all the difference.

VFD offers the best promo models available across the country. As a model, traveling comes with the territory. Taking advantage of these tips makes a small difference in the short run, but most importantly a larger difference in the long run.