VFD Models Coachella Fashion Guide

April 7, 2014

As for everyone counting the days for one of the most epic weekends in California, Coachella Festival is right around the corner. Presenting over 150 exclusive artists and having the free spirits fly from all around the world to all come together and literally transform into a hippie, you can say its a pretty big damn deal. You can spot anyone from the elite A-List celebs and the beautiful VS models to your typical 17 year old Angelono. Not only is the other half of the festival dedicated to visual arts and sculptures, Coachella is the master of events for celebrating the known and unknown music, art, and fashion industry. As the ladies stress for the perfect body to expose themselves with the trendiest short shorts and finding the ideal outfit can practically take months! One of our models quoted "People are all planning weddings and baby showers. Im over here planning what i'm going to wear to Coachella!" It not being a rave scene at all, its all about the 3 F's: Florals, Fringe, and Flats. That being the epitome of a hipster, its what works for Coachella.


This production taking place in the middle of April, the sun is piercing through everyones skin so the most important factor is to be comfortable! Even though Coachella is Fashion’s favorite event, comfort is key! I suggest no heels, not a pound of make up, and a ton of sunscreen.


Ladies, in need of some more help? Check out our top 5 styles to look absolutely fabulous and comfortable for next weeks madness.


#1 The Boho Chic Look: The bohemian theme is very heavy in Coachella. Ladies, this consists of a lot of crochet with a tribal vibe filled with electric colors and prints. Vanessa Hudgens made multiple fashion statements with this look and now it is extremely appropriate for this kind of gig. She claims that Urban Outfitters have the best of the best. Maxi Skirts, Crotchet crop tops, loose tribal printed dresses, and some short boots is the way to go. You can find a cute fringe t-shirt at Free People and match with a floopy hat for some shade at Nasty Gal. Wanting to reveal your pretty little face, headbands are very much boho and helpful for your hair.


#2 The Miliennial Flower-Child Look: This look being very popular and more fun when it comes to creativity, this is when your inner hippie truly comes out. Being a flower crown enthusiasts and model, Katie says " If you’re going to Coachella, make sure to wear some flowers in your hair." You can find these flower crowns at Blush Boutique or personally make them yourselves. Revisiting the woodstock era, wearing an off shoulder light dress with some water color prints is perfect from Planet Blue. The more you look like you’re from the 60’s the better. Accessorize with grecian comfortable sandals and any type of jewelry that will stay on as you swing your hips from left to right. Oh and don’t forget your festive flowers!


#3 The 90's Throwback Look: Bringing back the vintage look is suitable for Coachella. Walking into an American Apparel can be the most useful and fastest way to come up with your classical 90's look. Our model Maili says “I found out i was going to Coachella 2013 three days before the event and had a wardrobe malfunction. So i went to American Apparel and ended up leaving the store with two of the cutest outfits i have ever purchased.” Some cute sassy high waisted shorts mixed with a colorful graphic tee or crop top is a definite yes. Include a fringed shoulder bag to hold all your essentials from Express.


#4 The More Skin Showing The Better Look: Its California. Beach babes and gorgeous bikinis surround the state. Like i said before, Coachella preparation is pretty crazy because the ladies want to be at their primes. As they reach their beach bods, L *Space swimwear becomes their best friend. Staying cool with a sexy bikini top paired with some acid wash shorts is applicable for the 100 degree desert weather. Giving the look some funk, spice it up with eye-catching sunglasses from Guess and throw on a headwrap if you’d like.  You can find the hottest style bikinis at Nikkis Beach House Boutique that incorporate with Wildfox, Luli Fama, and Mikoh swimwear. Model Elizabeth claims “I prefer to show as much as skin as i can because the heat is unbearable and nobody likes major tan lines.”


#5 The Street Grunge Warrior Look: This is all for the hardcore bad ass chicks who like to represent their favorite classical rock band. A Led Zeppelin ripped up shirt, black nails, and dark lipstick is what im talking about. Extremely trendy yet different. You can find this look at Volcom or even Forever 21. Lots of jewelry takes part especially rings and mid rings. Dangling earrings with a rough edge can be found at H&M and to finalize your street look include leather shorts and convenient black boots.