Five Fashion Tips From VFD Models - July Edition

July 16, 2013

Each month, VFD Models will provide fashion tips for the everyday life. This month, we asked 5 of our models for some summer fashion tips. Here’s what they have to say:



“Trends are temporary, well fitting classics like a good pair of jeans are important wardrobe staples. Accessories can make or break an outfit, when in doubt confidence and red lipstick are always in style. “



“The key for a models wardrobe is keeping it simple! Neutral colors and solids help highlight your natural beauty. Busy prints and patterns are too distracting, this is a classic case of less is more  :)”



“Keep it simple...can’t go wrong with a white tank top & skinny jeans!”


Krista: “Wear Blinc mascara. It never smudges, clumps, or flakes! After a long day, even in humidity, I can trust that my eye makeup will still be perfect”


Brianna: “Wear tinted moisturizer instead of foundation to keep pores unclogged.”