VFD Models on Trade Show Exhibitions

October 23, 2014

A successful Trade Show exhibitor doesn't just stand around and wait for something to happen, but rather interacts with guests so as not to miss out on future clients.

When staffing a trade show stand, you are acting as the host. It is important to think of the visitors as your guests, and treat them with the required respect. But what exactly does this entail? Sometimes a host must be forward, whereas other times it is better to listen, smile, and nod. Ultimately, the type of interaction you will have with guests depends on the type of products you are exhibiting.

Here are some tips to help get the most visitors at your stand:

Talk to attendees

Breaking the ice can be the biggest challenge for some trade show hosts. Reaching out to guests that pass by the booth can be outside of the host's comfort zone. Our recommendation is this: don't stay inside your booth waiting for the perfect client. Stand up and introduce yourself with simple questions like “Where are you from?” or “Do you know our product?”.

Show your products

Demonstrations of your product can attract attention and intrigue the public. Visuals are important; make sure the product, as well as visuals of the product information, are clearly within sight. This allows visitors that walk by your booth to better understand how you can help them. Demos are also a great attraction.

A live presentation

Once you have gained a visitor's attention, it is time to further explain the benefits of the product and how it can better their business. When hiring a hosting company, it is important to meet with the hostesses beforehand, in order to make sure they understand the information about your business, aims, and preferred targets.

Creating movement to your stand can be hard work, but if you are knowledgeable of the product or service, you will feel more confident and clients will feel more comfortable with you.

Sales might not always come the day of the show, but positive first impressions can lead to future sales.

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