VFD Models Provide Summer Hairstyle Tips

June 13, 2014

This summer’s hairstyle trends are simple and will only take you a few minutes to put together. Here are some easy style tips from our VFD models to stay chic and glamorous with your hair for both day and night. Whether the event is that summer pool party you have been waiting for or that special night out, these hairstyles, matched with the right summer dress will make you look fabulous.   

1. Shelby: “Always in style: the Ponytail. It is the basic of summer hairstyles. I like to twist it by rolling a lock around my hair tie so it doesn’t show. You can also use a big colored ribbon and fasten it around your elastic band. Either I wear it really high above my head for a mischievous look or very low by my neck when I want to look more natural. “

2. Michelle: “I am crazy about Loosy buns; it is the best for the summer. I like to wear it above my head in order to lengthen my silhouette. I always make sure not to tighten it too much, and leave a few locks falling on my face; otherwise it looks too severe. The aim is to give yourself a messy-chic casual style so glamorous.”

3.  Mona: “I don’t really like having my hair all over my face and falling into my eyes. That’s why I prefer braids. I just put it around my head like a crown or make it very width and let it fall on my shoulder. This hairstyle always adds up a hint of romance to any look.”

4.  Marion: “I love romantic buns. We can see many celebrities such as Keira Knightley wearing them on the red carpet. This hairstyle clears up your face and brings together your hair by your neck. The result is always ultra glamorous. I like to wear it for special events such as weddings.”

5.  Rachel: “I hardly ever tie my hair. I always use dry oil and a spray to create beachy waves and I like to add braids for added texture.  One secret I have to get nice waves is to wear loose braids to bed the night before. “