VFD Models Spring Break Fitness Tips

February 24, 2014

With Spring Break around the corner, its time to shed off those extra winter pounds and get your best bikini body yet! Here are the top ways our VFD Models stay motivated and in shape:


1. Vanessa: “Going to the gym can be somewhat monotonous. I love to switch up my workouts by running on the beach, taking hot yoga classes, and boxing.”


2. Shelby: “I think the best way to stay motivated is to find a good gym partner. Having someone to work out with makes the idea of working out more enjoyable, lessens the possibility of canceling, and instills a little friendly competition which is never a bad thing”.


3. Elizabeth: “I’m really into juicing right now. Not only is it good for my health, but it makes me feel light and gives me a lot of energy. My favorite spot is Jugo Fresh on South Beach. Try the green juices, although they don’t look as appetizing, they have the most nutrients.”


4. Madison: “When I workout I like to look my best. There’s something about putting on my Lululemon tights and new Nike Flynits that makes running on that treadmill a little more bearable. Buying new workout gear keeps me motivated and looking forward to my next workout.”


5. Nicoletta: “I notice the most results when I knock out my workouts in the morning. By exercising bright and early, I’m more conscious throughout the day of the foods I consume. If I burned 600 calories at 9 am, there’s no way I’m picking up that donut at noon.”


6. Rachel: “Getting a head start on bikini shopping can be extremely motivating. Every woman’s body is different, and it is important to find styles that flatter your particular body type. For me, an Acacia triangle top is my go-to style. Feeling beautiful is just as important as looking beautiful.”


7. Christina: “I always say if you can’t tone it, tan it! If I have a pool party to go to and I’m not feeling bikini ready yet, I head over to Boca Tanning Club. I’m a big fan of the spray machine. It’s UV free which means I can get that golden glow without harming my skin. Living in Miami has taught me that everything looks better with a tan.”

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