VFD Models Swimsuit Guide

June 9, 2014

Summer has arrived, and it is time for you to bring out your sunscreen, sunglasses and your favorite bathing suit to get some sun on the beach or relax by the pool… And of course you want to look good and stylish don't you? Ladies, you can find lots of beautiful and very trendy swimwear but the real question is what kind of bathing suit fits your body shape the best? Once you know it you will never go wrong. Here are some easy tips from VFD Models for picking the right swimsuit to compliment your body.

Your Body is H shaped

Your shoulders, waist and hips are on the same line and you have a small bust? No doubt about it, you are H shaped. As your waist is not clearly defined, the main issue is to highlight your femininity.  The perfect swimwear for you is the bikini. Pick a triangle top to erase your rectangular silhouette or a bandeau top to highlight your small bust and your shoulders. For the bottom, the best for you are the low-rise panties; they will underline your waist and reinforce your femininity.

Stay away from horizontal stripes; they will reinforce the rectangular shape of your body. Most importantly, forget about sports bras and boxer shorts.

You are curvy

The goal is to enhance your assets and erase the defects you dislike. A one-piece black swimsuit with a nice V shaped neckline is what you need to look glamorous and sexy at the same time. Pick dark colors and don’t hesitate to add up a trendy beach wrap, perfect way to hide those curves you hate so bad. If you prefer two-pieces swimsuits, pick a high-waisted bottom, they are very trendy this summer. Also, a good bust support is essential. Therefore, a tie neck top is perfect for you. Avoid stripes and patterns that tend to increase the volume of your body.

You are pear shaped

Tiny shoulders, small bust, large hips and a well-rounded butt. The aim is to enhance your shoulders and hide your hips. Therefore, you have to catch attention on the top of your body with a bandeau top that will clear up your shoulders. Add up nice boxer shorts or low-cut panties to lengthen your legs and make them look slimmer.

You are X-Shaped or 8 shaped

Your shoulders are just as large as your hips and you have a tight waist? Lucky you, you can absolutely wear any shape or pattern you want! However if you have a big bust, avoid bandeau and triangle tops; they will not support your bust enough, half-cup bras are what you need. If you want to lengthen your legs, pick low-cut panties instead of boxer shorts and large panties because they will shrink you a little bit.