VFD Promo Models: Eye Makeup Guide

July 9, 2014

Have you ever wondered what eye shadow fits your eye color the best? If not, you should. It is one of the most important things you need to focus on when putting make up on. When you are talking to someone often times the first thing they will notice is your eyes. Whether they are brown, blue, green or black, our VFD promo models have shared with us their eye makeup secrets to enhance their stunning look.


  1. Christy T, LA Model: "To enhance my green eyes, I use all shades of red."


Red complements green perfectly; to highlight your emerald eyes, pick up a pink or burgundy shade of eyeshadow, especially if they have a few tones of red. For a more natural look, you can never go wrong with a taupe shadow; it will fit your eyes perfectly. Add a slate of grey liner, however don't go too dark. If you do, it will take away from the brightness of your eye color, especially during the day. For your mascara, pick any shade of purple and your eyes will stand out as they never did before!  

  1. Sarah, Miami Model: " Copper shades work the best for my brown eyes."  


Girls with brown eyes tend to overuse brown eye shadows. This is completely wrong ladies! To enhance your brown eyes, warm colors are the best for you. Don't hesitate to use grey, black, dark blue, purple and especially copper and gold for your eye shadows. An iridescent texture should be preferred in order to avoid dulling your eye color. You can also add a regular black mascara on your eyelashes, a very thin line of black liquid eyeliner and your eyes will look gorgeous!   


  1. Alissa B, New York Model: "When I put on an orange eye shadow, it makes my blue eyes pop like crazy!"


Orange and blue are the perfect fit because they are complementary colors, so when they are put together, they both make each other stand out perfectly. Therefore, if you have blue eyes you should use a thick orange eye shadow with a thin line of brown kohl pencil along the lash line for a structured effect, or you can go dimmed on the upper and lower eyelids for a smoother effect.  


  1. Brooke, Chicago Model: " For my black eyes, I always use heavy dark tones for a mysterious and romantic look!"


All light colors are forbidden for you. Dark tones will enhance your eyes and give you an exotic style; preferred colors for your eye shadows should be dark grey, black or purple. You can always use a lot of kohl pencil, black eyeliner and mascara which will add intensive volume and enhance your look.


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