VFD Promo Models Provide Tip for the Perfect Summer Tan

June 24, 2014

Golden complexion…  lightly tanned skin… Everyone dreams of it, but getting the perfect tan can be a difficult task to accomplish.  However if done correctly, it makes all the difference and allows you to show off your beautiful legs in that sexy mini-skirt you have been waiting to wear all year. If you plan on attending pool parties or going to the beach this summer you don’t want your skin to look pasty in your new bathing suit, do you? Well, get ready ladies because here is our VFD promotional models guide to achieving the perfect tan.

1. Allira, UFC Model: “ I never rush when I want to get some sun. The key for a perfect tan is to take your time.”

No need to rush if you want a beautiful long-lasting tan. Your skin has to get used to the sun first. You don’t want to get sunburns on the first day. Often time people are so eager to get tanned that they will just lie out in the sun without applying any sun block for protection. However doing this is actually counterproductive; you will just become really red and have to avoid the sun for a few days. The way to avoid this from happening is to first, expose yourself to the sun just a little bit and apply some high SPF sun block to protect your skin. Then each time you go to the beach, progressively increase the amount of sun your skin is exposed to. After a few times you can be sure that your skin and tan will look amazing!

2. Vivian, Miami Model: “When it comes to tanning, timing is everything! I always try and pick the right time of day to tan”.

It is always better to expose yourself longer at the less hot time of the day then going for half an hour during the warmest moment. For a nice tan, pick the right hours: before 11am and after 4pm. Be aware that even during these hours, you still have to protect yourself with sunscreen, which will not only protect your skin but also moisturize it.

3. Brittney, Miami Model: “For a healthy glow, I eat plenty of fruits and vegetables all year long.”

Fruits and veggies with strong colors can help your tan, specifically orange and yellow ones. These will help your skin to change color faster. Carrots are the best for this purpose, but also tomatoes, melon, mango and watermelon. Another advantage from eating fruits and vegetables is that it helps keeping you away from consuming fat products, which can be enemies to your figure.

4. Genevieve, Los Angeles Model: “During the whole summer, I moisturize my skin many times a day.”

Remember the sun dries you out. If you are actively tanning, you should use a body lotion to moisturize your skin, from head to toe every 5 hours. When tanning it is also important to drink a lot of water in order to hydrate yourself. Bring out a bottle of water with you when you go to the beach or lie out by the pool. You can be assured it will be reflected on your skin.

  1. 5. Alissa B, New York Model: “I exfoliate my skin at least twice a week; it gets me glowing.”

For a nice purified skin, even during the summer, always think of exfoliation. By doing this, you will remove all the dead cells, promote cellular renewal and refine your skin texture. This will leave you with a soft and luminous skin.