VFD Promo Models Provide Tips to Make Your Legs Appear Longer

July 1, 2014

Being short does not necessarily mean your legs can’t look long. Ladies, our VFD promo models have provided us with some easy tips and secrets to enhance your legs and make them look amazing for your nights out at the various events taking place in Miami, New York and L.A this summer.   


  1. Erika V, Miami Model: "High heels should be your best friends!"  

It may sound obvious but some of you tend to forget how these shoes can make you look taller and skinner instantly. No matter what, high hills will always make your legs appear thinner, longer and your hips smaller. That's a fact. Whether you are going out to a restaurant, a club or party, you have to wear heels if you want your legs to look their best.  


  1. Genesis, New York Model: "For my legs, I like to use a good self tan bronzing spray."  

Bronzer is a safe way of bringing some light to your legs and your entire body. Believe it, tan legs will always appear thinner than normal. A bronzer helps to blur out the cellulite and stretch marks that you hate so much. You may exfoliate your skin before applying the self tanner consistently all over your body. However, you have to be cautious with the type of bronzer you use; you want a uniform tan without any breakouts.  


  1. Chloe, LA Model: "High-waisted pants are the key for your legs to look longer and thinner."  

Ladies, if your legs are too large, forget about low rise skinny jeans, they will make you look shorter than you already are. High-waisted flared pants, more commonly called "Boot cuts" are what you need. They will flatter and lengthen the look of your legs as well as your entire body figure.   


  1. Carson, Miami Model: "Do not wear fabrics with patterns for your bottoms."  

Patterns are your enemies if you want to make your legs look slimmer. Prefer monochrome skirts, dresses and pants with dark colors. If you love patterns, keep them for your tops and accessories in order to put more focus on the top parts of your body.  

  1. Nicole G, San Diego Model: "Bridle shoes are the perfect accessory to enhance your legs."  

Bridle shoes will make your legs look longer and provide you with a much skinner look.  You have to be careful when choosing. If your ankle is little and the bridle too large, your legs will look disproportionate. However if your ankle is big and the bridle little, your legs will appear way bigger than they actually are.