VFD Promotional Models Provide Summer Makeup Tips

June 18, 2014

It is summer time ladies, and as the seasons change so should your makeup. Our VFD promo models have provided us with makeup tips that will help you look your best under the sun and for your nights out at the various events that will be taking place in Miami, New York, and Los Angeles this summer.

1. Crystal, Miami model: “Natural Complexion is the most important in makeup.”

Every year, your foundation thickness decreases along with the length of your skirts. This season, the most important rule is to look natural with your makeup. Your goal should be silky, smooth and unified skin. If you have a sensitive skin that is easily irritated, use a BB cream or an oil-free foundation.  Also, you can cover up any blemishes with a well-pigmented corrector brush. Next, gently spread a little bit of compact powder on the T-zone of your face. Blush is mandatory for this look; pick a light pink or a coral texture to sublimate your cheekbones. For even more light, you can use an illuminator on the prominent parts of your face.

2. Lauren, New York Model: “I am crazy about pastel eyelids, especially during summer.”

Pastel colors are very trendy, especially on your eyelids. Pink, green mauve… These colors will give you a romantic air and make you look fabulous. No matter what you do with your pastel eye shadows, do not forget to underline your lash lines with a more contrasted color in order to intensify your look.

3. Johnnie, Los Angeles Model: “For my lips I have been using orange lipstick. It looks so glam. Believe me; Orange is the new red!”

It is true that red lipstick is always a safe choice and still a top pick for night events. However this summer, don’t be afraid to be a little creative. Depending on your outfit, orange lipstick can be a game changer and really make your lips pop. Finding the right shade of orange can be a difficult task. Keep this in mind when choosing; if your skin tone is lighter, a pastel orange lipstick will compliment your lips beautifully. If you have darker skin, a mango orange lipstick will enhance your face and make you look amazing.

4. Elizabeth, New York Model: “Bigger and thicker eyebrows like Cara Delevingne’s  will always look better on anyone's face because they create a more natural and softer look; the thicker the better!”

They frame your eyes and they are the ones to determine your expression, but ever since getting bigger, thicker and better, the bold eyebrows have become a woman’s most precious beauty accessory. If your eyebrows have little holes, you can fill them up with a tinted pencil. The aim is to hatch the zone to unify your eyebrow and make the holes disappear. If they are too thin, you can use an angled brush and apply a brow shadow on and right around your brows, without straying too far from your natural hair line. Finally, you can fix your corrections with an eyebrow gel.