3 Ways to Make Your Brand Stand Out

September 28, 2015

Whether your company is in the start-up phase or an established brand with an impressive track record, it is always important to make sure your corporate branding is up to snuff.

In the ever-changing digital world, there are now more ways than ever to capitalize on opportunities to make your brand stand out above the competition. Here are three great ways to accomplish that:

Brand Uniformity You would be shocked how many times we see brands who have conflicting presences across the various ways that they touch their customer. When a customer is interacting with your brand across any platform like your website, Instagram, or in-person, your brand needs to be presented in a consistent manner.

A great example of this is VFD client MusclePharm. When you visit their website, social media pages, or even hold their product in your hand, you get a consistent branding experience. You just know that you are visiting "The Athlete's Company", and their brand message is not confusing or conflicting.

Font Selection Many companies rightfully focus on creating a great logo, but make the error of not fully considering the fonts that accompany the brand. Oftentimes, if a custom font is used for a logo, the brand will try to find the closest match to use in other customer touch points. In reality, you need a web-safe font that will work consistently across all digital platforms.

Here at VFD, we use a custom font for our main logo, while all supporting text is in the complimentary (and web-safe) Montserrat family of fonts. 

Activation Having a great brand doesn't mean much if your customers don't get a chance to see and experience it. Activating your brand is easier than you think when you partner with the right marketing company.

At VFD, we have done all types of brand activations, from small, one-off activations with brands like Davidoff, where VIP clients were invited to try their latest cigar offerings, to huge, national campaigns we conducted with Guess Jeans, where models at 17 different stores across the country simultaneously introduced new product and a party vibe to people entering the store.

As you can see, many elements go into making your brand stand out. For more information on how VFD can work with your brand to achieve your goals, contact us today.