A VFD Models Trade Secret Revealed

July 7, 2016

Our clients often ask us the following question: How did you find this talent? A question to which we proudly answer: We didn’t! It came to us. For despite having our team tracking modeling sites to recruit America's youngest and hottest models, nothing beats the power of word of mouth recommendations.

At VFD Models, we welcome our brand ambassadors reaching out to colleagues and friends in the industry that they feel would be a great addition to our family. Thanks to their referrals, we enjoy the talent pool that makes us the agency of choice for promotional modeling.

VFD Models provides beautiful and experienced brand ambassadors, who deliver a hands-on personable approach to promote brands and products by making long-lasting impressions. Our services include event management, staffing, and marketing. Let what has worked for us, work for you: Staff your events with our beautiful and charismatic promotional models.