Adaptogen Science Launches New Website Designed by VFD

January 11, 2016

When it comes to marketing your business, first impressions are everything, and usually a customers first impression with a brand occurs online when visiting the company's webpage.

Knowing the importance of having the right look and feel, leading sports nutrition brand Adaptogen Science turned to VFD Marketing to help redesign their homepage, social media touch points, and for general marketing direction. 

While not changing Adaptogen's logo, the creative team at VFD took top-down approach to the website, highlighting the great-tasting adaptogen products, as well as repositioning the brand to be more appealing to a wider variety of potential customers. 

As you can see in the before and after images, the new design incorporates an overall marketing effort to distinguish the positive attributes of each Adaptogen product, which can then be used in other marketing campaigns, both on and offline. 

before and after graphic design

Adaptogen has already seen an increase in visitors to the site, as the design, combined with SEO efforts by VFD will continue to aid the profile of this growing brand. 

At VFD, we love working with hungry, growing brands to enhance their image, brand and marketing efforts. Contact us today to get started!