An Epica Night with VFD Models

February 24, 2016

On Jan 30th, Epica Wines hired VFD Models to promote their extraordinary wine at Bolivar Bar in South Beach. Epica Wines is a house wine that targets hipsters looking for a good time - and what better place than Miami with the best promotional models in town. Bolivar Bar is a restaurant and lounge that sits on a charming and celebrated strip called “Espanola Way” where tourists from all over the world are served with history and a slice of culture. 

The evening popped off with Epic-a samples of Malbec wine from Argentina as well as a delicious red wine from San Pedro. VFD models gave away selfie sticks to record all the fun-filled memories. Guests cha-cha-cha'd and took pictures all night while models encouraged to share and hashtag #EpicaWines 

VFD Models provides not only beauty but also experienced brand ambassadors that deliver a hands-on personable approach to promote the brands and products that deserve and will make long-lasting impressions.