Chris Weidman Latest Reebok Sponsorship Signing

October 28, 2015

The UFC/Reebok relationship is still going strong and their latest move is no surprise. They not only signed Chris Weidman to an endorsement deal, but also designed a signature sneaker specifically for him.

The reason why this deal took so long was because they had to wait for Weidman’s deal with Bad Boy to expire. Most fighter’s previous deals are expiring without renewals because of those company’s inability to have their logos on display in the Octagon. Their return on investment just isn’t available like it used to be.

Look out for the Chris Weidman stars and stripes Reeboks in stores coming soon and get ready for UFC 194. Weidman takes on Luke Rockhold in the co-main event, right below the exciting Conor McGregor versus Jose Aldo superfight everyone has been waiting for.

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