Conor McGregor Against Rafael Dos Anjos Is Happening At UFC 197

January 13, 2016

We hear rumors all the time, but when they pan out, superfights ensue. The UFC has made a decision about what they want to do with Conor McGregor after his brutalization of Jose Aldo. Rafael dos Anjos is the man at 155, McGregor is the 145 champ and there’s a good chance that the hype machine will pull off another amazing win when they face off in March.

It seems like what Conor McGregor wants he gets. No one expected his talk to be backed up so easily against Aldo. But dos Anjos is an entirely different beast. He crippled a good-sized Donald Cerrone with one kick to the side. McGregor is big for his division, but dos Anjos is a mean man in the Octagon.

Get ready because here they come at UFC 197 on March 5 in Las Vegas. The Conor McGregor show is just beginning.

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