Conor McGregor Walks The Walk Against Chad Mendes at UFC 189

July 15, 2015

If you didn’t see the main event from UFC 189 on Saturday, then you missed the Notorious one, Conor McGregor talk and walk his way through Chad Mendes, claiming the interim Featherweight championship via TKO. For the first two rounds, Mendes showed why he’s one of the best, forcing his wrestling on the inferior ground game of McGregor. However, Conor kept him in position, never stopped talking and let Chad gas out.

Chad Mendes says that he made a mistake at the end of the second round by going for a submission when he could have just stayed on top of Conor and let the clock run out. That didn’t happen though because Conor slipped out, got up and went to work on the jaw of a weary Chad Mendes. His signature left hand and a couple shots later, the match was over and Conor was the interim champ.

Conor McGregor is the real deal. There is now nothing between him and Jose Aldo and their pending superfight. Some will say that if Chad Mendes had a regular fight camp, his endurance would have been better and he could have held McGregor down. McGregor had something to say about that, knocking out Mendes within two rounds, just like he predicted.

VFD, a Miami based sports marketing agency, gives brands the opportunity to capitalize on the growing popularity of MMA and the UFC. The official numbers have not been announced, but Dana White said in the post-fight press conference that this was the largest UFC fight in the history of the promotion. With the new Reebok uniforms and an amazing event, the UFC and the fans both won big at UFC 189.