Echo Fox Bounce Back in League of Legends Week 5

February 15, 2016

Team Echo Fox, the eSports team currently competing in the League of Legends NA LCS had an impressive showing during week 5 of the season.

The team fell on hard times when two of their players, Henrik “Froggen” Hansen and

Park “kfo” Jeong­hun, had to deal with visa issues. In their absence, Echo Fox struggled against

other teams, dropping six in a row.

With their visa issues behind them, the two have returned to the team and made an immediate

impact. In their first two matches back, Echo Fox was able to get the victory over NRG eSports

(5­5) and Renegades (1­9) to bring their overall record to 3­7. Now that the team is fully intact,

they look to make a big impact going into the second half of the season.

As League of Legends viewership continues to increase, the eSport is becoming one of the most coveted marketing platforms for advertisers looking to reach the coveted 18-24 year old demographic.

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