HBO's Ballers Features VFD Marketing Clients

June 24, 2015

With Silicon Valley and Game of Thrones ending, there was a gap in good Sunday television that HBO filled immediately. Last Sunday they rolled out two new shows and the second season of another acclaimed one. ‘Ballers’ and ‘The Brink’ came out with successful pilots and ‘True Detective’ began its eerie path for season two.

Ballers is a sports drama based in Miami starring Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. He’s an ex-Miami Dolphin defensive player trying to make it in the world as a financial advisor to the richest pro athletes. What ensues is most likely sports, sex, parties and money drama in Miami Beach with The Rock. As a Miami promo model and sports marketing agency, we have an idea what that looks like. Looks like it could be a fun one!

The Brink has a meatier cast than ‘Ballers’, with Jack Black and Tim Robbins amongst others. It’s a political comedy about the U.S. Government and military attempting to prevent World War 3 after all hell breaks loose. It’s a fun show that might take some time to grow on you, but there’s a good shot it will do the trick.

True Detective. What can we say about creepy Vince Vaughn, Colin Farrell and Rachel McAdams taking a second shot at last years break out show? This is one of those shows that grows on you over time, so patience is the key. Matthew McConaughey’s legendary Rust Cohle took some time to warm up last season, so while season 2 has some pretty big boots to fill, give it a chance. It might be great.

HBO is running hot right now on Sunday nights. These three shows have amazing potential for a great summer run.