How To Identify Prospective Clients At Trade Shows

March 3, 2016

You will have plenty of people come by your booth at a trade show, but how do you know who is one of your prospective clients? Below are 3 things to pay attention to when speaking to an attendee.

  • Listen – First and foremost, it’s not about pushing your agenda on a person, but instead listening to their needs. People will clue you in based upon their demographic, needs, and personality. Just look for your product to be a good fit and if not let go. However, always maintain good rapport.

  • Ask questions – Relationship building is the name of the game. Collecting information about the attendee is a way of your understanding what they need, but also making them more comfortable in your presence. Getting to know you client is a key to knowing how to proceed.

  • When to pitch – If you feel that the attendee is a good fit, it’s time to pitch them. Do not forget to continue listening when you pitch, because they will give you clues how to direct them. Always be aware of the person in front of you and don’t get too caught up in your own voice.

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