Instagram Marketing 101: How Interaction Builds Loyalty

August 3, 2015

Let’s face it: it’s a whole new digital world and landscape out there that would make absolutely no sense to our forefathers. Our youngest generations are born into lives where society and technology are one and the same. When it comes to digital business marketing, Instagram is a must in your active portfolio.


So what kind of tone do you want for your account and page? Create an environment where collaboration is invited. When people comment on your posts or comments, engage and interact. The personality of your brand can come out in this setting. When people follow you, follow them back as a courtesy and to create good will. You are going to need to curate a following, and your page will never be for everyone, so don’t take things personally and keep moving forward.


Interact with pages that you like, like other people’s posts and gain an understanding of why the best do what they do. Comment on what people have to say and let them know if you’ve been wowed. The more you communicate with your customers, the more they’ll appreciate you as a brand. Personality is a great advantage for a brand, and Instagram gives you the opportunity to let it shine.


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