Instagram Marketing For The Young Brand

August 19, 2015

Companies and brands have a choice where to spend their dollars when it comes to marketing. Often, this includes making social media choices. As a young brand, without a doubt, Instagram is one of the top channels to put in some time and resources.

Instagram is a little easier to build a following because of the nature of an image. An image provides instant gratification and minimal effort to look at. It gives a brand the ability to show off their products, culture and a lifestyle that attracts people to what they are offering.

It’s important to experiment when it comes to Instagram, but give things time to materialize. If you change up your strategy constantly, you will never achieve a baseline to compare things to. It’s important to post things consistently, giving people a shot to engage with your brand.

However, it’s more important not to overthink things and just get the ball rolling. Instagram is fluid, like other social media channels, in that there’s always another post. Don’t get stuck on anything. Pay attention to what people respond to, not to what you think they should be responding to.

So in conclusion, start posting, experiment and remain consistent. Instagram is about fluidity and change and the ones who know how to play to their audience or create an audience are the ones who are doing the best.

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