Is GSP Ready To Fight Again?

October 28, 2015

Rumors have been circulating that Georges St-Pierre might not be done with fighting after all. In an interview with his long time coach Firas Zahabi, it seems as if St-Pierre isn’t the only one who thinks he could re-enter the UFC exactly where he left off.

It was reported that he is in great shape, at a good weight to compete and has the hunger and desire to do what he does best. The best athletes are so competitive that it’s almost impossible to keep them away from doing what they love. Michael Jordan couldn’t stay away. He even milked his career way past the point of dominance.

St-Pierre is a totally different story. If he comes back, expect the welterweight division to be flipped on its head. It’s difficult to keep a great athlete down, especially when they still have the juice to take care of business. Be it hype or not, all eyes are on his impending decision. Stay tuned!

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