Jacob “Stitch” Duran Fired By UFC Over Reebok Comments

July 22, 2015

The biggest news out of the UFC right now is the story that Jacob “Stitch” Duran said he was fired by the UFC for his comments about cutmen losing their sponsorship money with the new Reebok deal. His chief complaint was that the UFC put in a bonus structure for the fighters, but the cutmen, who get a large percentage of their fight income from the sponsors they wear on their vests, did not get any replacement compensation from the promotion.

Stitch had been with the UFC since 2001, so there’s no question that he put in his time. In an interview with Bloody Elbow, he made the controversial comments that he claims got him fired. With his decrease in pay, Stitch made it clear that he will have to do more boxing matches to make up for the difference. He was also not happy after the fact that Dana White, who he had a close relationship with, did not call him personally, but had another executive fire him.

 VFD, a Miami based MMA marketing agency gives brands the opportunity to capitalize on the growing popularity of MMA and the UFC. It’s hard not to think of Stitch and the UFC as one and the same. He’s worked for them since UFC 33 and is not only a familiar face, but also one of the best in the business. We’re sure he’ll land softly somewhere, so for all you Stitch Duran fans out there, don’t despair.