Jon Jones Signs First New Sponsorship Deal

November 14, 2015

The Jon Jones fiasco is officially over and in the past. GAT, a top nutritional supplement company recently signed Jones to a new sponsorship deal; the first since his suspension ended.

Get ready for the Jon Jones train to start rolling like it did before. The only question is when he faces Daniel Cormier for the UFC Light Heavyweight Title, what kind of fighter will he be. The smart money is on him being as good, if not better than before. He has had a lot of time off and his body is well rested.

Daniel Cormier is as ready as he can be, even though he recently asked the UFC for some extra time off. Whether he wants to spend time with his family or has a beat up body that needs to heal, only time will tell what happens when these two men face each other in the Octagon again.

Dan Henderson and Vitor Belfort fight for the third time this Saturday at UFC Fight Night 77. You can check out the main card on Fox Sports 1 starting at 10pm ET.

VFD, a Miami based UFC marketing agency, connects brands with top athletes across all sports.