Jose Aldo May Lose Biggest Sponsor Venum Due To Reebok Deal

September 30, 2015

Jose Aldo turned down a deal with Reebok to stay with his old brand Venum, but it seems as if that will not last for long. Venum has a contract with Aldo until October, but without his ability to wear their logo inside the Octagon, the deal doesn’t look as sweet to them.

Other athletes such as Demetrious Johnson have dealt with similar issues. His Microsoft deal is not as alluring when you can’t wear the company’s logo in front of the largest audiences possible. Reebok’s deal with the UFC eliminated the billboard style advertisements from fighter’s gear, and ruined a lot of fighter’s income streams.

Jose Aldo is one of the larger opponents of the deal, and he might eventually be affected the most from it. Stay tuned to see what happens with the Aldo sponsorship story.

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