Jose Aldo Vs Conor McGregor Set For December 12 In Las Vegas

August 19, 2015

As the rumors swirled about a December 5 super card at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas, pairing Jose Aldo and Conor McGregor with either Ronda Rousey/Miesha Tate or the more interesting Rousey/Cyborg superfight, the MGM Grand did a deal for the fight. Dana White felt that Las Vegas is the place for history to be made and the MGM Grand will be the home of the fight that we’re all waiting for: Jose Aldo Vs Conor McGregor to unify the featherweight titles. Rousey is not on the card.

Chad Mendes, who McGregor beat to win the interim title, recently said that if he had a full camp he would win that fight 100 percent of the time. Rafael dos Anjos feels the same way about Conor and said he’s ready to wreck him if he can get past Aldo.

Is Conor’s mouth writing checks he can’t cash with the UFC riding out the wave straight to the bank? Or can Conor McGregor continue to do what he’s done and win. Get ready for the hype machine because it’s about to turn on high once again. Enjoy the show.

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