League of Legends continues to draw a huge audience

July 21, 2015

As the North American League of Legends Champion Series (LCS) is approaching its final week of play, the viewership numbers are only growing.  With an average of 600,000 unique viewers for each game played during these weekend tourneys, League of Legend is a spectator eSport  that fans tune in for all across the world.


In North America, teams play their games on Saturday and Sunday, and in Europe they play on Thursday and Friday. Each day containing 5 games between 10 teams. These take place for 9 weeks which is considered one full split as they play their regular season games in the Summer and Spring splits.


With an average peak viewership of 280,000 people streaming these weekend events, League of Legends has gotten their name recognized by large name sponsors. This is only the number of people streaming the event, many of these streams contain multiple viewers meaning the total viewership numbers are much larger than 280,000 people.


The teams are fighting for a playoff spot that will bring them to the World's tournament where the best teams in the world meet up to determine who is the best of the best. World’s is a month long event being streamed on 40 different broadcast channels in 19 different languages.


The World’s tournament of 2014 was seen by 32 million unique viewers over 15 days of game play, with a peak viewership of 8.5 million viewers. Many people tuned in nationwide at viewing parties being held at Buffalo Wild WIngs, theaters, colleges and of course the homes of many avid fans, to watch the North American teams try to bring home the Summoner's Cup. Live viewership of the 2014 finals was in South Korea in the Sangam World Cup Stadium which held 40,000+ League of Legends fans.

VFD Marketing helps connect brand name   sponsors to League of Legends teams. Current League of Legends sponsors include: Coca-Cola, Monster, Geico, American Express, Intel and many more.