Lessons To Learn For Tradeshows

April 28, 2016

Awareness and education is your friend when it comes to an amazing tradeshow experience. Knowing and understanding potential pitfalls is your secret to getting the most out of your investment. Below are 3 lessons to learn for tradeshow marketing:

  1. Slow down: A common mistake we see with young companies is that they over extend themselves too quickly. Don’t exhibit at every trade show. Start with a lighter schedule and work yourself efficiently. By taking your time, you make sure you always present yourself in the most positive light.

  • Balance aggression with patience: Potential customers are turned off by too much aggression. Be it your promotional models out front, or even your sales staff, too aggressive is not good for business. The same goes for overly patient. You need to find that place where you are connecting with potential customers, not repelling them.

  • Bigger is not always better: All leads are not created equal. If you fish for customers in the shallows, all you’ll find is low quality leads. Focus your targets and go for them. Do not cast too wide of a net. It will dilute your return on investment and waste your time.

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